Mattress in a Box from American Mattress

If you're shopping for a Mattress in a Box mattress, then start shopping at American Mattress. We have a great stock of Mattress in a Box products online and in store. Check out our selection based on popular sizes and thickness like 14 inch, 11 inch or 6.5 inch. We carry an assortment of brands as well so check out our stock online.

What is Mattress in a Box?

Mattress in a Box is a compressed mattress that's vacuum-sealed to be a fraction of the size of a usual mattress. Mattress in a Box mattresses are compressed and sealed into a box and sent directly to you. Simple put, Mattress in a Box is an easy alternative to traditional mattresses.

Mattress in a Box Accessories

If you need bedding or pillows for your Mattress in a Box then no problem. American Mattress has an assortment of options that will perfectly match your new Mattress in a Box. Check out your options today!

Sleep6 Whisper Mattress delivered mattress in a convenient box

Sleep6 - Whisper


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Restonic Hybrid Visionary - Queen


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Bed Bug-Proof - Queen


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