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Rize Clarity Adjustable Foundation
Rize Clarity Adjustable Foundation
Rize Clarity Adjustable Foundation

Rize Clarity Adjustable Foundation

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Locally owned American Mattress presents
Rize Clarity Adjustable Foundation


Rize Clarity Adjustable Bed Bases are new, economically priced, full-featured adjustable bed bases with telescoping legs that allow for height adjustability. that support foam, latex, and compressed coil mattresses. Available in a range of sizes, the bed bases adjust in the head and foot sections in order to help users find a perfect sleeping position. Available sizes include Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, Horizontal King, Horizontal California King, Full Split Queen, and Fully Inclusive Split King. An improved lift capacity lifts up to 850 lb. per base (or a total of 1000 lb. on the horizontal king and California king size). Ideal for those with mobility issues, the elderly, chronic pain sufferers, or those simply looking for a luxurious sleeping experience, Rize Clarity Adjustable Bed Bases include an easy-to-use wireless remote that operates the bed base's smoothly lifting head and foot sections.

Product Benefits:
Wand-style wireless remote is easy to use
Telescoping legs allow for height adjustability
Returns to a flat neutral position at the touch of a button
Heavy duty motors smoothly adjust the head and foot sections
Continuous Motion Mode allows the bed to move through a series of positions automatically

With full adjustability that facilitates optional positioning during nighttime sleeping and rest hours, the Rize Clarity Adjustable Bed Bases can make wake hours more comfortable and enjoyable. Whether the adjustable bed user is a healthy, hard working person that just needs a better night's rest or someone with conditions that interrupt sleep, such as snoring, mobility issues, or chronic back pain, the Rize Clarity can offer unprecedented support

Treats Snoring
Millions of people suffer from snoring, which may be a warning sign for other, more serious health issues. By lifting the bed's head section into a more upright position, snoring can be reduced. Not only will the snorer get a better, more restorative night's sleep with the Rise Clarity, but their sleeping partner will also. 

Relaxes and Alleviates Sore Muscles
Those who work on their feet for long hours, including athletes, may experience everyday aches and pains. The Rize Clarity can be positioned to accommodate sore muscles while promoting blood circulation and relaxation of the muscles. 

Reduces Back Pain
For those with back pain, raising the foot section takes pressure off the lower back. This adjustability provides comfort and relief not found in traditional beds. 

Telescoping Legs
Telescoping legs allow for easy height adjustment of the power adjustable base. 

Classic Platform Design
The Rize Clarity Adjustable Bed Base has a simple, elegant body that blends in well with any decor style.

Wireless Remote
The included wand-style remote is designed to be easy to use, even in the dark.

Continuous Motion Mode
This mode allows the Rize Clarity Adjustable Bed to move through a series of positions automatically.

Rize beds are designed to fit inside most existing headboard, footboard, and rail systems. 

By pressing one button, the adjustable bed base returns to a flat neutral position. 

Steel Post Legs
For extra durability, Rize incorporates steel post legs into its design to support even the thickest mattresses. 

Heavy-Duty Motors
Two 6,000 Newton motors provide a lift capacity of up to 850 lb. The horizontal King and Cal-King models offer one 8,000 Newton motor with a lift capacity of 1,000 lb. 

Gravity Release
Rize motors have a built in safety feature to reduce stress on objects caught under the bed, so there's no worry about pinching or pressing. 

Battery Backup
Even during a complete power outage, the replaceable fuse battery backup system allows the bed to be returned to a flat, sleeping position. 
Adjustable Headboard Brackets
Available for additional purchase, these headboard brackets make it easy to attach your favorite headboard to the adjustable bed.

Rize Clarity Adjustable Bed Warranty

Tee Rize Clarity Adjustable Bed is covered by a 20 year limited warranty, which is a basic limited warranty that covers defects in workmanship and materials for a period of up to one year. All parts, labor, transportation and shipping costs are covered during the warranty coverage time. After the first year, the Clarity bed is covered by a 19-year limited warranty. During this time period, replacement parts for defective items are offered at a reduced cost (excluding electronics, electrical components, drive motors, and massage motors). The purchaser pays all service, transportation, labor, and shipping costs associated with the delivery and/or replacement of the defective part. Defective parts must be returned.

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