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Ortho-Pedic Rest Firm
From $199.99 $399.98
Ortho-Pedic Ultra
From $279.99 $498.98
Ortho-Pedic Supreme
From $449.99 $799.98
Ortho-Pedic Deluxe ET
From $449.99 $719.98
Priviledge Firm Mattress
From $569.99 $1,139.99
Priviledge Medium Mattress
From $569.99 $1,139.99
Priviledge Plush ET Mattress
From $569.99 $1,139.99
Restonic Artwork Euro Top Clearance
From $800.00 $4,399.98
Restonic Arrondelle Firm
From $1,149.99 $1,899.99
Brampton Firm
From $1,299.99 $2,499.98
Brampton Plush
From $1,299.99 $2,499.98

You deserve a great night's sleep every night. Buying a new mattress is an important investment for your health and well-being.

At American Mattress, we understand the importance of your mattress purchase and personalize your shopping experience.

Our high-quality mattresses are selected to fit your budget and sleeping preferences perfectly, expertly constructed & designed for total comfort, and durability.