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Tempur-Pedic at American Mattress

Tempur-Pedic® mattresses have undoubtedly changed the way America sleeps. By using their proprietary formulation to reduce motion transfer between you and your partner while adapting and conforming to your body’s unique needs throughout the night, you can achieve the perfect night’s rest. Tempur-Pedic® mattress ratings & reviews from satisfied customers make Tempur-Pedic® a leading national brand for better sleep, which is why we are proud to offer their state-of-the-art products at American Mattress.

Why Buy Tempur-Pedic®?

Each Tempur-Pedic® mattress is designed with their tried and true sleep technology and premium materials. You can choose from a variety of innovative mattresses to unlock the comfort level your body needs. Whether you’re searching for body-conforming or temperature-monitoring mattresses, or want to shop their exclusive bases and materials, Tempur-Pedic® products are sure to elevate your sleeping experience. Tempur-Pedic® are engineered to evenly absorb the force of your body and its pressure points to reduce tossing and turning. Tempur-Pedic® lets you fully relax and is a favorite among restless sleepers. Tempur-pedic design and materials highlights include:

  • Reduction of motion transfer between you and your partner
  • Ability to adapt and conform to your body
  • Cutting-edge cooling materials
  • Available pressure-relieving TEMPUR-ProAdapt®
  • Available 4-level TEMPUR-LUXEbreeze° system

Tempur-Pedic® Collection

Tempur-Pedic® offers a full range of sleep products including mattresses, bases, sheets, and more!

The TEMPUR-Adapt® Series provides supreme cool-to-touch comfort and two layers of premium TEMPUR® Material. Designed to adapt to your body’s needs throughout the night. You can also shop the TEMPUR-ProAdapt®, a mattress engineered to feature even more elevated comfort with pressure-relieving materials and exclusive cooling technology.

If you sleep hot and are looking for a sleep system that will cool you down and adapt to your body, Tempur-Pedic® offers the TEMPUR-PRObreeze°, a 3-level system of state-of-the-art materials that are sure to keep you cool all night long. You can also shop the TEMPUR-LUXEbreeze°, which features an innovative 4-level system of cooling materials that work together from cover to core to keep you cool all night long.

Looking for an advanced base that serves as the foundation for a good night’s rest? Only Tempur-Pedic® offers the exclusive and innovative TEMPUR-Ergo®. This intelligent base is powered by Sleeptracker®-AI to help track your sleeping cycles to improve your sleep. You can also shop the PerfectSeatTM ergonomic relaxation setting and QuietModeTM anti-snore technology for even more cutting-edge exclusive offerings!