About Our Author, Juliana

Juliana Huhta, julianah@us-mattress.net

Juliana has been a dedicated professional in the mattress industry since 2019, bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her writing. With a passion for sleep health and comfort, she has been meticulously testing and reviewing mattresses, ensuring that consumers get the best possible advice for their sleep needs.

She understands which mattress features address the needs of various types of sleepers, how different materials impact the lifespan and performance of mattresses, and has gathered many useful tips for mattress shopping.

Juliana's insightful articles for the American Mattress blog combine her hands-on experience with a deep understanding of sleep science, helping readers make informed decisions to achieve the restful sleep they deserve. Whether it's the latest in mattress technology or tips for a better night's rest, Juliana is committed to enhancing the sleep quality of our blog readers.