Mattress Care Tips

Mattress Care Tips

How to Care for Your Mattress

You detail a car, service an appliance and dry clean designer clothes—but do you know the best way to maintain your mattress? Just because it doesn’t fit in a laundry machine doesn’t mean it can’t be cared for. Read on to learn how to extend the life of your mattress while keeping your sleep space clean, fresh and allergen-free. Give your most-used investment a little TLC with these easy tips.

Manufacturer Guidelines

Some manufacturers provide specific information about how to care for your mattress. Manufacturers know their product best, so always follow their guidelines for optimal results.


Launder your sheets and mattress protection weekly in hot water to remove irritants like pollen, dander and dust mites. Stains or spills should always be treated with caution—use slightly soapy water and a soft wash cloth to gently blot, never rub, the affected area. Avoid harsh chemicals, as they may damage the foams and fibers of your mattress. After treating your mattress, let it air out for several hours to ensure no moisture remains. A small fan can be used to speed the process.

Zip On, Zip Off

If your mattress has a removable cover you’re in luck! These covers are simple to remove, wash or replace and are great way to quickly refresh your sleep space.

Protect Your Investment

American Mattress offers products specifically designed to encase and protect your mattress and pillows. These products shield you from spills and are designed to combat allergens, dust mites and bacteria. They fit snugly over the sleep surface and can be easily removed and laundered.

Mattress protection is the best way to keep your mattress free from dust particles, pet dander and everyday grit and grime. If you don’t have mattress protection, you can use your vacuum’s flat nozzle tool to remove these unwanted irritants.

Pets and Sleep

We all love our pets, but your bed may not be the best place for them to snooze. Even critters that spend most of their time indoors can introduce dust, dander and hair to the sleep space. Many manufacturers offer pet beds designed especially for our furry friends.

Seating Edge

Many newer mattress models feature a sturdy, foam-encased seating edge. If your mattress doesn’t, you’ll want to avoid repeatedly sitting in the same spot for prolonged periods of time, as doing so may eventually cause sagging or a weakened edge.

Set the Stage

Skimping on a foundation is like putting bike tires on a new car. A foundation provides the base for your mattress and ensures that it stays supportive and comfortable for years to come. The two elements work hand in hand to deliver the rest you need. Most manufacturers recommend buying a foundation and mattress as a unit to ensure optimal performance.


While most new mattress models offer a no-flip design, it’s a good idea to give your mattress a clockwise turn every three months to ensure even wear. Regular rotations will ensure your mattress stays comfortable and supportive for years to come and can prevent body impressions from forming.

Here at American Mattress, we want to help you make an informed decision. We are with you every step of the way when it comes to timing of buying a new mattress, defining the best new mattress for you and your family, and how to take care of your new mattress.

If you need more information and want to get help from our sleep experts, please call 1-800-TO-DREAM.

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