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Adjustable bed frames provide supreme comfort, convenience, and even health benefits! Adjustable beds can be stylish, allowing you to express yourself with unique upholstery and materials. That’s not all, contemporary features such as a wireless bed remote, and USB ports, are also available to enhance convenience!

Explore all of the benefits, from convenience to health, that adjustable beds can offer! Browse our selection of adjustable beds to see how well they can fit your budget, lifestyle, and design, and stop by an American Mattress store near you.

Benefits of Adjustable Beds

You work hard and deserve to easily recharge with a comfortable bed. Adjustable beds will help you relax and rejuvenate with features that will provide premium comfort and convenience, all while offering impressive health benefits! Take control of your rest and wellness with an adjustable bed.

Eliminate Back Pain

With an adjustable bed, you can achieve a “zero-gravity” semi-seated position, where your feet are elevated to the same level as your heart. This position resembles the same as astronauts are in during take-off, and is meant to offer a feeling of weightlessness, to ease pressure from the back and spine. Of course, if you find a position that relieves more pressure from your spine, you can adjust the bed to perfectly fit your needs.

Stop the Snoring

Sleeping with someone who snores, can have a significant impact on your sleep. With an adjustable bed, you will never have to consider separate rooms for the sake of silence. An adjustable bed allows you to elevate the head, often from five to 10 degrees, to eliminate snoring in either yourself or your partner.

Reduce Acid Reflux

With your head and neck elevated, acid reflux is decreased. Most heartburn sufferers elevate their head and neck with pillows, to halt stomach acid from moving into the esophagus, but that can be uncomfortable. With an adjustable bed, the surface of your bed will be at a consistent elevation, and you can use pillows for what they’re meant for; comfort.

Improve Circulation

Proper circulation is the foundation of good health, it helps wounds heal faster, reduces swelling, and fuels your body’s organs with blood and oxygen. When you raise your feet above your heart, blood is pumped more freely throughout the body. If you suffer from swelling, elevation can be imperative in your pursuit of comfort, do so easily with an adjustable bed.

Easy Breathing

For those who suffer from asthma or allergies, you know how challenging it can be to take deep breaths on a flatbed. When on an adjustable bed, you can elevate your torso to take pressure off of your lungs and airway, allowing you to take fuller, deeper breaths and therefore sleep more comfortably. 

Premium Relaxation

If you enjoy reading or watching tv before bed, you can do so more comfortably in an adjustable bed. We all know how frustrating and uncomfortable it can be to perfectly place pillows behind you in an attempt for comfort. In an adjustable bed, you can easily elevate the torso and head of the mattress, eliminating the strain on your head and neck as you relax in the evenings. 

Discover Your Next Adjustable Mattress at American Mattress

An adjustable bed can provide boundless benefits, resulting in restful, deep sleep. At American Mattress, we have a variety of styles to choose from to offer you just what you need to get a good night’s sleep.

At American Mattress, we will work with you to find a mattress and furniture that will provide you with ultimate comfort and relaxation. Whether you are unsure of when to get a new mattress, if another bed would better serve you, or even how to clean your mattress, American Mattress is here to help. For more information from our sleep experts, stop by one of our locations, or call 1-800-TO-DREAM.

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