Employee Testimonials

Below is a list of testimonials from a few of our many happy employees. We would love for you to be a part of the American Mattress family.

Anthony Platania - Manager

When I started with American Mattress, I was 19, and not sure what to expect. I had no experience in the mattress industry and learning the ins and outs of sales seemed a daunting task. After working here for a decade, I believe that starting here was one of the best decisions I could have made.

One of the things I appreciate the most about working here is the autonomy you are given. Very rarely is there someone micromanaging your every move, which means that most of your success is your own doing. Income is dictated by how hard you work, and how much effort your willing to put in, not by someone else. I learned quickly that even having no previous sales experience, I could turn this into an extremely fulfilling and lucrative career. After working my way up through the company and becoming a regional manager at the age of 27, I couldn’t be happier.

The culture at American Mattress is outstanding, and I have met some of my best friends at the company. There is a family atmosphere at this company that I’ve never seen anywhere else. Working here has taught me how to interact much better with the people around me and given me a sense of confidence I wouldn’t have had otherwise. There is nothing quite like the feeling of being a true entrepreneur and being solely responsible for the success of your store. It is the perfect place to work for a self-motivated person with a business-oriented mindset. I can honestly say that I wake up every day excited to go to work.

Louis Lazzara

I feel this is the right time to talk about my history with American Mattress because I'm coming up on my 15th year with this amazing company on December 5, 2019. 

American Mattress has given me the opportunity to take a job opportunity and turn it in to an amazing career. I started with the idea that I would be good in sales based on what family and friends told me, but I never sold one thing in my life. I went through a training process that took my personality and their sales program and combined it. It gave me the tools to be able to talk and interact with customers, make sales and lots of money. I have had the opportunity to run four different store locations and with every store making more sales and more money. Now this is where it gets exciting. As I'm running these stores, I also got to take advantage of the American Mattress upper management programs. After my first year and a half with the company, I became an Assistant Regional Manager. Six months after that I became a Regional Manager running an area that was anywhere from six to twelve stores. As I grew in the upper management program, I had the opportunity to become a Trainer, Recruiter, and Lead Regional overseeing the entire Regional team. In 2016 I was promoted to Director of Sales overseeing the entire Chicago Market. The best thing above all as I grew with the company, I still have the opportunity to sell! 

With American Mattress if you can keep focused and look forward and see the opportunities that the company offers, you will have a great career, have fun, and make lots of money doing it. 

If this is something you feel you can do and want an opportunity, American Mattress can be the right place for you. 


Chris Jones - Sales

I began working at American mattress when I was 24.  I had no formal sales training and knew nothing about the mattress business.  What I did know was that I wanted to be paid what I was worth without the pressure of a boss looking over my shoulder. 

American mattress proved to be both of these things.  The paid training and continued guidance from my regional manager and fellow employees sculpted me into an expert in the field.  This family structure allowed me to advance through the ranks and become a regional manager myself within five years!   I never knew there was so much earning potential to be made just selling mattresses!  I highly recommend family-owned American Mattress to anyone seeking competitive wages with room for advancement without being micro-managed. 


Sam - Sales Manager

I began my career at 19, I can't believe its been 17 years of building my own business with repeat and referred customers. 

I have created a Facebook following of over 1,100 guests bringing in sales from across the Chicagoland area. 

If you are a motivated, goal orientated, entrepreneurial minded individual this can be a lucrative and rewarding career.