How to Pick the Perfect Kids' Mattress

Kids Mattress

5 Tips for Buying a Mattress for Kids

Growing bodies need anywhere from 10-14 hours of sleep every night depending on their age. Their growing bodies and minds use this time recharge from the day, learn new skills and refresh their mood. But did you know that kids can also get back pain? Just like adults, it is commonly caused by poor mattress support.

Here are five tips from our sleep experts on how to choose the proper mattress that will protect your child’s growing body and support them for years to come.

Support Rubber Band Bones

Soft bones and stretchy muscles recover quickly so it can be hard for kids to express pain from an uncomfortable bed. Although any mattress can provide a surface to sleep on, not every mattress provides the comfort and support growing bodies need.

Invest in a Full

Kids move all night long, sometimes waking up upside down! Opt for a full-sized bed that allows children to move freely and not end up on the floor next to their twin bed.

Choose a Plush

Kids don’t weigh enough to compress big pillow tops, but firm beds may be too hard for soft bones. Plush beds offer the right balance of support. If your child is old enough, have them test the mattress with you to make sure it feels comfortable and properly supported.

Grow with Teens

Many children keep their beds for over 10 years. Buying a high quality, supportive mattress for your child sets the stage for healthy growth and development. If you think your child will become a tall teen, consider a twin XL or queen mattress size to ensure there is plenty of room to grow into.

Protect their Head and the Mattress

Little necks, low shoulders, and smaller heads need just as much support as adult profiles. Pillows provide 20% of support, so be sure to match your child’s body and sleep style to the correct pillow loft. Also ensure the mattress is protected from possibly accidents and stains with a quality mattress protector. This will add to the durability of the mattress, allowing your child to sleep on it longer.

These five tips will ensure your kids continue to have sweet dreams as they grow. Learn more about how sleep impacts your child. Still have questions about what bed might be best for your child? Chat with our Sleep Experts now and they will be happy to answer your questions.

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