Mattress Comfort Scale

When shopping for a new mattress, it is important to consider firmness. Making an informed decision based on your routinely used sleeping positions and comfort preferences can better guarantee a good night’s sleep every night in your new mattress. If you still have questions on how to find the best bed for how you sleep, we're here to help! Contact our sleep experts at 1-800-TO-DREAM.


Soft Mattresses | American Mattress

Plush mattresses are great for side sleepers and best avoided by back and stomach sleepers. Plush mattresses have soft, deep layers made up of multiple cushions and are traditionally thicker at the top. These layers can be comprised from a variety of materials including memory foam and inner spring systems. With that, sleeping in a plush mattress has a more sinking affect than a firm mattress. Contrary to popular belief of support and firmness being one in the same, softer, plush mattresses provide great support for pressure points and alleviate strain from your shoulders and hips. They provide ample support to keep your body aligned while providing enough comfort to allow you to sleep on your side all night long. 

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Medium Firm Mattresses | American Mattress

Mattresses with a medium firmness are ideal for combination sleepers. If you find yourself sleeping on your back, side, and stomach, a medium comfort level mattress is ideal. Back sleepers specifically often need additional support to keep their lower back properly aligned. Mattresses with a medium comfort level conform to the lower back arch, allowing you to relax your lower back muscles and sleep comfortably. 

They offer a balance of soft comfort and strong support through a variety of materials. These can include soft memory foam, gel memory foam, and an innerspring system. Mattresses with medium firmness are most frequently purchased and offer a great solution for couples with different sleeping preferences.

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Firm Mattresses | American Mattress

Firm mattresses are perfect for back and stomach sleepers. Stomach sleepers require a firmer sleep surface to properly align their back and hips. Too soft of a mattress will cause your back to arch, creating added stress and pain on the back. Firm mattresses can be constructed with a variety of materials, but their design is influenced by support and stability. Their construction provides enough support to keep your spine perfectly aligned throughout the night while sleeping on your back or stomach. In contrast to a plush mattress, firm mattresses are more dense, thin, and do not feature as much of a sinking affect.

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