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Scott Living Mattress Collection available now at American Mattress!

Scott Living Mattresses are designed with home and family in mind and a strong commitment to quality. The latest Scott Living Collection available at American Mattress includes: SL 1000 Hybrid Plush, SL 1000 Hybrid Firm, & SL 2000 Hybrid Euro Top. Each hybrid mattress has the right blend of Twin Cooling, Alumilast, Microcoil, and Q5 Twin Support.

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Twin Cooling | Scott Living


Cool-to-the-touch layers help regulate temperature throughout the whole night. A complete sleep system designed to give you the most restful sleep possible.

Alumilast | Scott Living


With aluminum fiber infused into the cell structure of the foam, you'll enjoy a cooler, more comfortable sleep surface, twice as long as conventional foam. Convoluted, heat-wicking AlumiLast with Memory Foam creates additional pressure relief, which absorbs weight and heat so you can enjoy your preferred sleep position longer.

MicroCoil | Scott Living


More than 1,300 individually wrapped coils provide a resilient, supportive surface layer of comfort. The Twin Edge Support Foam encasement creates a full support system across the entire surface of the mattress.

Q5 TWIN® SUPPORT | Scott Living


An edge-to-edge sleep surface with maximum adjustability and 5 support zones for correct spinal alignment provides deep, individualized comfort over the entire innerspring system.

Scott Living Mattress Collection

SL2000 Hybrid Euro



Comfort meets luxury in the new Scott Living collection.

  • Soft Comfort Level
  • Adjustable Ready
  • Q5 Twin Support

SL1000 Hybrid Plush



Dream Big with your new Scott Living Mattress!

  • Medium Comfort Level
  • Adjustable Ready
  • Alumilast

SL1000 Hybrid Firm



Obtain the comfort and support you desire with Scott Living!

  • Firm Comfort Level
  • Adjustable Ready
  • Twin Cooling Technology