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Free Local Delivery
Soft Medium Firm

Ghostbed at American Mattress

GhostBeds are now available at locally owned American Mattress! The GhostBed is manufactured by seasoned mattress professionals who have been designing and crafting mattresses for decades. GhostBed has taken everything they’ve learned over our many years of experience to create a supportive, durable mattress that provides optimal comfort for every type of sleeper: back, stomach, side, and combo! Plus, its gel memory foam and aerated latex foam inner helps transfer heat away from your body as you sleep, keeping you cool all night long.

Why Buy GhostBed?

GhostBed boasts award-winning cooling, comfort, and quality. With more than 20 years of patented sleep technology! Awards include everything from Mattress Advisor’s Top Rated Mattress (2021) and Slumber Yard’s Best Hybrid Mattress (2021) to the Sleep Foundation’s Best Cooling Mattress for Hot Sleepers (2021) and Buyers Guide’s Best Overall Topper (2021). In addition to all the accolades, what you get with GhostBed includes:

  • Risk-free for 3+ months with our 101-Night Sleep Trial.
  • 20-25 year warranty on all GhostBed mattresses.
  • Fast shipping with most customers receiving their order in 2-5 days!
  • All of our mattresses are built in the USA by Nature's Sleep.

GhostBed Collection


The new GhostBed features aerated latex (non-allergenic) and gel memory foam designed to transfer heat away from you as you're sleeping. Additional GhostBed features, highlights, and ideal sleepers include:

  • Ideal for every sleeper type, including side, back, stomach, and combo
  • Perfect for kids transitioning to a larger bed
  • Medium-firm feel for optimal comfort & long-term support

GhostBed Flex

The GhostBed Flex features a soft, soothing, and cooling cover. While inside the Flex is built with plush fiber infused with cool-burst airflow technology. Offering gel memory foam for cooling comfort. Additional GhostBed Flex highlights and features include:

  • 7 layers of hybrid comfort—perfect for those who want a blend of supportive coils and comforting gel memory foam
  • Medium feel that hugs and contours your body

GhostBed Luxe

The GhostBed Luxe boasts deliciously plush and cooling Ghost Ice fabric with a cooling, quilted cover featuring cool-burst airflow technology. Built with gel-infused memory foam - plus another layer built into the cover. While heat-sensing and auto-adjusting, the Ghost Ice layer offers another layer of cooling and comfort. Additional GhostBed Luxe highlights include:

  • Patent-pending 2-stage cooling features keep you sweat-free throughout the night
  • Medium-plush feel contours like you’re sleeping on a cloud, while providing optimal support

GhostBed 3D Matrix

The new GhostBed 3D Matrix is cool-to-the-touch thanks to the innovative Ghost Ice cover. Inside, the gel polymer layer absorbs excess heat and transfers it away from your body. Perfect for side sleepers thanks to its gel-infused memory foam. Additional GhostBed 3D Matrix highlights include:

  • Patented gel polymer layer adjusts to your body temperature to keep you cool
  • Reinforced coils provide support and durability
  • Soft transition foam contours beautifully to your body