Mattress Size Chart

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Size Dimensions
Twin 38" X 75"
Twin XL 38" X 80"

54" X 74"

Queen 60" X 80"
King 76" X 80"
California King 72" X 84"

When choosing a mattress, there are many factors to consider including size, comfort preferences, and price. You'll want to take note of the size of the room, sleeping partners, height, sleeping position, and available space.

We're here to help you find the perfect mattress to satisfy your needs and assist you through each step. Get started by looking through our mattress selection of top-rated brands in all sizes.

Does Mattress Size Matter?

Yes, mattress size is important to the quality of your sleep! You should find which size fits your preferences, the number of people (and pets) that will be sleeping on it, and your room’s dimensions. You and other sleepers should be able to comfortably fit on the mattress, with additional room to move around.

Twin Mattress Dimensions

How Big is a Twin Mattress?

38” X 75”

Twin size mattresses are the smallest standard mattress size. They measure 38” X 75” and are intended for single sleepers. Twin-size mattresses work great for children’s rooms, bunk beds, small bedrooms, and guest rooms.

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Twin XL Mattress Dimensions

How Big is a Twin XL Mattress?

38" X 80"

The Twin XL mattress is ideal for tall individuals needing more legroom with their mattress. It measures 38” X 80”, making it the same width as a standard twin with 5 more inches in length. With their narrower size and extended length, Twin XL beds and mattress sets fit well in smaller spaces while offering more room to stretch out than a standard twin.

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Full Mattress Size Chart

How Big is a Full Mattress?

54" X 74"

Full-size mattresses are great for growing children, single sleepers, and rooms with narrower floor space. Full-size mattresses measure 54” X 74” and fit easily in standard bedrooms and guest rooms. A full-size mattress is a perfect transitional mattress at an economical price. While offering more spacious sleep than a twin-size mattress, a full-size mattress is easy for young adults to move from home to their first apartment.

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Queen Mattress Dimensions

How Big is a Queen Mattress?

60" X 80"

​​Queen size mattresses are the most commonly purchased of all sizes. They measure 60” X 80”, offering a comfortable size for couples that fits well in almost any bedroom. A Queen size mattress is possibly the most cost-effective for couples.

Due to its popularity, it has the added benefit of a huge style selection. You'll have plenty of queen-size bedding options and variety when it comes to bedroom furniture, and bed accessories.

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King Mattress Dimensions

How Big is a King Mattress?

76" x 80"

King Size mattresses are great for couples looking for luxury comforts, more sleeping space, or room to share with children and pets. King-sized mattresses measure 76" X 80" and they are the largest mattress size by US standard manufacturing. It's encouraged to measure the room’s floor space before buying a King size bed to ensure a comfortable fit.

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California King Mattress Dimensions

How Big is a California King Mattress?

72" x 84"

California King mattresses are ideal for tall people needing extra length to avoid having their feet hang off the bed. California King beds are great for individuals and couples due to their narrower dimensions. With a California King size bed, you receive an extra 4” of length and lose 4” in width in comparison to a standard king-size bed.

This difference in size helps make the California King fit better into smaller spaces than a standard King. All while helping taller individuals get more restful sleep.

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Choosing the Right Mattress Size For Your Space

It can be challenging to narrow down which mattress size would be best for your space. When choosing a mattress size, it's important to make sure the mattress will properly fit inside your bedroom.

Ideally, you need at least 2 feet of free space around both sides of the mattress and at the foot, although 3 feet is more comfortable. This additional space will offer more ease in making your bed, make the room more visually appealing, and prevent other furniture from hitting the mattress.

How to Measure Your Room For A Mattress

When considering which mattress would be best for your space, you should first measure the room. Having a big bed will offer the most space for sleepers but it could make your room feel cramped. This is why it's important to assess your space to see what size mattress it can comfortably fit.

You should first write down the dimensions of the bed frame your mattress will rest on. If there is a headboard and footboard it's important to account for the additional space. Use painter’s tape to mark the dimensions of the bedframe on your floor where you intend on placing the bed. This allows you to get a better idea of how much room the new bed will take up and if it'll fit with your other furniture.

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Mattress FAQs

What is the size of a single mattress?

A single and a twin-size mattress are the same sizes. Both have dimensions of 38 inches by 75 inches, designed to fit one person.

What is the difference between a full mattress and a double mattress? What size is a double mattress?

Full and double-size mattresses both represent a mattress of the same dimensions, 54” by 74”.

Are double mattresses twice the size of twin mattresses?

No, double mattresses, also known as full-size mattresses, are 16” wider than twin-sized mattresses and are of similar length. Two twin mattresses make up the size of a king bed.

How does full size mattress vs twin compare?

A full size bed is 22" wider than a twin and the same length. It may offer some extra space for a single sleeper but is fairly small if you're sharing the bed. It's up to you though, some couples have no problem sharing full beds. Twin beds are best for a single sleeper who isn't super tall.

What is the difference between a king and California king mattress?

The difference between a king size mattress and a California king is 4". A king mattress is 4 inches wider than a California king. A California king is 4 inches longer than a king mattress.

What is the most popular mattress size?

The queen mattress is the most popular size because of its versatility, cost, and size. It can easily provide enough sleeping space for two people while also being a reasonable size that fits most spaces. It is a budget-friendly option for sleeping partners with the most popular bedroom furniture and bed sheet set options available. It is also easier to move in and out of narrow hallways and stairs than a king mattress.

What are the measurements of a California king-size mattress?

A California king-size mattress is 72” by 84”, it is best suited for individuals or a couple. The additional length is helpful for taller people however, it lacks the 4” of width that the king size bed offers.

How big is a queen size mattress?

A queen-size mattress is 60” by 80”, and is the most common size of mattress. It will comfortably fit couples or individuals and the reasonable size fits almost all bedrooms.

How do I know if a mattress will fit in my room?

To make sure your mattress will fit into your room, measure the size of your bed frame. Use painter’s tape to mark where the new bed will sit. This will help you determine if your furniture and room will be comfortable with the new bed.

A good rule of thumb is to make sure you have 2 feet or more on each side of the bed and at the foot of the bed.

What should I consider when choosing a mattress size?

When choosing a mattress size, consider the size and number of the people and animals that will be sleeping in it. Secondly, consider the room size.

When choosing a mattress size you should consider how many people and animals will be sleeping in the bed and the room size.